Clio16valver attend the PFC photoshoot

If you have all read our last blog post, Clio16valver are being featured in the October edition of PFC.

clio16v photoshoot

We have a 4 page spread as well as a club write up and with those articles, photos need to be next to them! So, with that in mind we put a little shout out for anyone who is available for the shoot on our facebook page. Obviously offering free professional photos of your pride and joy clio16v is going to get a lot of attention, but also saying it’s going to be featured in the UK’s largest french car magazine, my inbox was quite full.

I decided to choose Paddy’s prime example of a performance modified Clio16v and Adam’s beautiful original condition Clio. We showed up at the Lincoln studios bright and early, paddy packing a McDonalds and a massive grin and the two lads got to work wiping the road dirt and rain drops off ready for the shoot. Dave (PFC’s photographer) was awesome, very welcoming by giving us a tour of his amazing studio and offering us a nice brew. We had a chat about the club and the magazine while the lads got ready and then it was time to bring the cars in.

Dave is very very professional in what he does and it shows with all his equipment and the way he lines up the shot. He showed us his photos as he went along and it is amazing what the right lighting and a extremely expensive set up can do to a car.

We’re really excited for the new edition to come out and for what the future holds for PFC and Clio16valver. We’ll be sure to show you all the shots once we recieve them on disc, but I just want to say a massive thank you to PFC and David Cornfield for giving us this opportunity as well as Adam and Lee for coming down bring and early to get their cars photographed.

Clio16valver will soon be doing a meet at the photo studio where people can drive their cars into their white room and get a batch of amazing photographs of their car, keep checking back for more details. Also, our next rolling road day will be featured in Novembers PFC edition so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Thanks again guys

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  1. 16v_paddy says:

    Who is that handsome fellow with the gorgeous Naples? :-p

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