Welcome to Clio16valver.co.uk Clio16valver is a family Club meets & Track days Clio16valver membership Still in the limelight

Welcome to Clio16valver.co.uk

Welcome one and all to the all new, revammped, remade, reborn and re-goddamn-brilliant Clio16valver.co.uk!

Clio16valver is a family

Here at Clio16valver, we're not just about 4 seats and a steering wheel, we're a family and welcome anyone and everyone to our Clio home. We're dedicated to the original Clio hot hatch and always will be!

Club meets & Track days

Clio16valver hold many club meets, events and track days across the UK, so where ever you're based, you can be sure we're soon to do something near you! Check out our meets section to find out more

Clio16valver membership

Clio16valver is open to all, completely free! But we also have a membership scheme, where you have full access across the website and forum as well as a free membership pack (TBC)

Still in the limelight

Clio16valvers are still attracting enthusiasts around the globe! Come and join the only dedicated club to the Clio16v legend.


Club Itb

With so many similar ITb builds i thought we would have them all in one place.
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A Cosworth Powered Dimma Clio…

So what do you get when you get a man who isnt Satisfied with renault power but loves a mk1 clio… well the obvious an engine swap.
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Clio16v in PFC Magazine

Clio16valver in October PFC Magazine

I’m really excited about this post, it’s been a long time coming and a lot of work from some of our members,

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Welcome to Clio16valver.co.uk

Welcome one and all to the all new,Clio16valver.co.uk! We are so excited to bring this new forum and website to you and want to welcome all old and all new members to the website. We hope you enjoy every aspect of it, every inch and every pixel!

Clio16valver.co.uk is here to bring you everything you need to fuel your love for the Clio 16v, no scratch that, its here to fuel ANYBODIES love for ANY Clio! We have a thriving online community that is always busy getting their hands dirty providing some fantastic projects and articles for you to read, as well as arranging some fantastic meets to get you out there meeting more like minded enthusiasts. Ontop of that we have club meets, club events, merchandise, tips n tricks, competitions, movies, images, the list goes on and on and on – so please enjoy visiting us, we thank every single one of our visitors for joining Clio16valver and we hope you enjoy it!